According to the dictionary, Microcosmos means a small world or the Man as a reflex of the universe. For some philosophers, the Man as the Microcosmos represents in itself the whole Universe, and has a conscience of it, although on a personal and subjective point of view. Well, having the Man conscience, he is then responsible for all footprints left behind, changes and interactions where he has participated.

The objective of this blog is an invitation to participate in Nature (Macrocosmos) through images, texts and current science subjects, for a reflection about our role as Microcosmos and how our perceptions influence the Macrocosmos.

As a first image, I show a close-up detail of Araucaria (Araucaria sp.)  leaves. The Araucarias (Araucaria angustifolia) in Brazil are part of the Atlantic Forest, and were present and well dispersed in the past. Now they are critically endangered and are found in only 3% of its original territory.

The araucarias have an interesting relation to the human population. Current studies show the influence of indigenous tribes in Brazil, Jê ethnicity, on the expansions of the araucaria forests 1000 years ago. Still today, the pine fruits from the araucarias are really appreciated in the Brazilian culinary.DSC_0307